Company “Hooghoudt”


“Hooghoudt” start in September 1888. In a cellar on Oosterstraat, not far from the Martinitoren, began the story of this family business. The fourth generation which is represented by Bert Hooghoudt, works for the company as a member of the Supervisory Board. Since 1988 “Hooghoudt” has been entitled to style itself “Purveyor to H.M. the Queen”. “Hooghoudt” de First the company was first concentrated on distilling and preparing liqueurs. Later they changed over to the famous “Jonge Dubbel Graanjenever” and other spirituous liquors. “Hooghoudt” had grown to a big company. In 1985 they moved into the modern distillery at the present location because they were too big for its historic premises in Groningen city centre. With this move the company demonstrates looking to the future as well as preservation its wealth of historic tradition. In 1993 Bert “Hooghoudt” took over the management from his father Hero Jan. In this year he caused turmoil with the introduction of export vodka with the name “Royalty Vodka”. This is another drunk with a purity and smoothness of flavor that no competitor could rival. “Royalty Vodka” was special suitable for mixing with other drunks because there was no taste in the alcohol to affect the composition. Sold is this vodka in a blue bottle to emphasize “blue blood”.

Master of distilling

The preparation methods for all the alcoholic creations is one of the best-kept secrets which is cherished for more than a century. This master craftsmanship passed on from father to son. This lasted for many generations. The authentic recipes were guarded by the master distiller. He also supervises the correct preparation of all the spirits. “Hooghoudt” can change gear quickly and efficiently with regard to the volume required because of the advanced bottling unit. “Hooghoudt” is using purest water and finest grain spirit. They apply the very latest techniques and give herbs and fruit to infuse for a long time to obtain the best flavor. All this made “Hooghoudt” a trendsetter. They are master of distilling, bottling and shrewd logistics.

Quality and innovation

Customer’s demands are crucial for “Hooghoudt”. The research from “Hooghoudt” is often carried out into trends in the development of costumer’s tastes and the satisfaction with the products. “Hooghoudt´s” motto is: “preserving the good things while creating new innovations for the future.” Because of this “Hooghoudt” is always able to ensure top quality. A specially-trained tasting panel criticizes all products. There has to be nothing less than perfection in each bottle. A crucial factor in the manufacturing is the quality control at each stage in the production process. “Hooghoudt” is HACCP certified. HACCP is an inventory of the hazards for alimentary products (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and is compiled by the EU. All products accomplish the stringent quality requirements. There are also clearly-defined requirements for the composition from the alcohol content, sugar content, water content, and the quality of the extracts and herby they used. Products were only sold if they comply with all these quality needs

Brands policy

“Hooghoudt” is fixated on flavor and quality. Everything revolves around this issue. The products give the finest that nature can offer. All “Hooghoudt” products are first class and at all products the company’s philosophy can be resumed up as craftsmanship, strive to innovate and a feeling for customer demand. You can see this passion in the brands “Hooghoudt”, “Royalty Hooghoudt” and “elPicu” as well as in the various brand names and in private labels, too.


“Hooghoudt” is a brand-driven company and business operations centre is on customers demand. The flexible and intricate distribution to the several sales channels is all over coordinated to the costumer’s demands and the costumer’s needs and preferences. Together with costumers “Hooghoudt” is searching for the best structure and options for the product range. All distribution channels get expert tailor-made advice. Costumers appreciate this commitment and professional attitude for more than a century.


“Hooghoudt” believe that there always will be need and demand for authentic high grade Dutch spirits in Dutch but for the export too. All the products emit originality, specialization and craftsmanship. The focus is always on the consumers demand. “Hooghoudt” use new marketing strategies and sales techniques to reach the costumers. Knowledge and insight with the trading relations is important to reach costumers too. Because of the knowledge of the market and the clout gained in this way “Hooghoudt” has a head start in a market niche in order to guarantee continuity.

Corporate social responsibility

Keeping the impact on people and the environment to a minimum is a important part of “Hooghoudt´s” mission. A central part of the day-by-day work is to ensure working safety, environmentally friendly production, sincerity and integrity in all its business operations. The company adheres to the applicable laws and regulations. “Hooghoudt” ensures high quality and controlled all the steps in the production process. The costumer can find all additives to the products on the bottle. Customers should be fully and openly informed. People are the driving force and source of inspiration behind the company. Everything depends on the work done by “Hooghoudt´s” employees. This is the reason why “Hooghoudt” steadily invests in the quality of its employees. Good training and career opportunities are part of the positive ambition that “Hooghoudt” gives to its employees as well as ensuring a safe and healthy working environment.



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