The product – “Royal Kiss”

“Royal Kiss” is a product made by “Hooghoudt” exclusively for the British market. It is made of wheat from North Holland. Only the best materials are used to make this short, to create a sweet and elegant taste. The products we have used for this exclusive short are the “Royalty Vodka” from “Hooghoudt”, Blue Curacao from another label and cherry juice from another label. The mix passes 20% out Royalty Vodka, 20 % out Blue Curacao and 60% out cherry juice. We decide us for these products because we want to have an association with the British flag white, blue and red.


The name “Royal Kiss” should be an association to the royal Wedding from Prince William and Katy. These words are also included in the way the short is designed. The bottle from the short is in the colors from the British flag and on the bottle is a wedding ring. The sleeve is made of rubber, which eases the holding. The normal bottle contains 20ml.


“Royal Kiss” will be sold in special shops. Therefore the price needs to fit the place of purchase. We want that our product is for everyone to be reachable. “Royal Kiss” will be sold at a middle price and will be sold in a lot of shops. Examples are tourist shops, normal alcohol shops and bars.


The pricing is also important, because “Royal Kiss” stands for quality and a trendy product, so the price needs to fit the attributes of the spirit. Also it is purchased by people from the middle class. Still “Royal Kiss” is regarded as a party drink, which needs to be considered by the setting of the price. For “Royal Kiss” is a psychological price positioning the best, because our target group wants to make party but they are still not will pay more than they need. The price will be around 1 £ for a 20ml bottle. The middle price is chosen to give the product the image of a good performance/cost ratio.  The price has not to be to low because otherwise it will give the product not the right image.


There are different unique selling points of the product “Royal Kiss”. The bottle is one point because the easy and extravagant look makes the drink really elegant.  Another unique selling point is the association to the wedding from Prince William and Kate and the association to Great Britain. The British people can be identified themselves with the “Royal Kiss”. All the products of “Hooghoudt” are made of the best ingredients, which stands for a high quality product.










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