Wedding cocktail menu

Weddings are wonderful events; the entire experience from the engagement to the honeymoon is a momentous occasion for the bride and groom. Along the journey to matrimony there are many parties, showers and receptions that call for a few elegant cocktails. These cocktails are a great place to begin making your wedding cocktail menu.

One way to incorporate drinks of your choice into the wedding reception is create a cocktail menu of a few special cocktails and display a list on the bar. This allows your guests to choose when and what they want to drink.

The Something Blue

Every bride needs a little "Something Blue" for her wedding day and why not include it in a spectacular cocktail? This simply elegant white wine and Hpnotiq drink is easy to make and is perfect for any of your wedding festivities.


Wedding Cake

You can have you cake and drink it too. There are two common variations of the Wedding Cake cocktail, which you choose is more a matter of personal taste and what you have on hand. Either one is a wonderful liquid libation with the flavors of the Hawaiian Wedding Cake.


Southern Bride

An elegantly alluring cocktail for every Southern (and northern) Bride, this simple mix of gin, grapefruit juice and grenadine would make a great addition to any wedding party as a toast to the happy couple.


Baby Bellini (non-alcoholic)

Style, elegance and none of the alcohol, the Baby Bellini is an excellent mocktail for weddings. It is also very simple and can easily supply an entire wedding reception with a bubbly drink.



For the groom we have a swanky Tuxedo cocktail. Enjoy it on your last night as a bachelor or share it with your bride on your wedding night. It's a complexly flavored Martini with an interesting and intriguing taste.


Diamond Martini

From the engagement party to the time the wedding bells ring, the Diamond Martini can fit into any of your nuptial celebrations. By chilling the ingredients along with the glass, this cocktail is sparkling, crisp and clear like the perfect cut diamond.


Blushing Bride

A wedding would not be complete without a Champagne toast to the bride and groom. The Blushing Bride is an extremely easy cocktail for just that purpose that adds just a slight amount of fruit flavors to your bubbly.


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